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Welcome to the site of 2nd Junior High school of Evosmos


Our school's success story +  

During the school year 2012-13 our school took part in various competitions and gained prizes and honorary distinctions in almost all of them.

1) Poetry Competition of 1st High School of Evosmos and Municipality of Kordelio - Evosmos (Thessaloniki)

2) Poetry Competition of Northen Greece Publishers 

Thessaloniki 's old photos with marvelous music +  

Chooce our Logo +  

Chooce the Logo for our Comenius Project

Excavation at Dion +  

Visions of Greece +  

That's Greece +  

Comenius Project, Polish drama performed in Cordoba +  

Comenius Project, Romanian drama performed in Cordoba +  

Comenius Project, Turkish drama performed in Cordoba +  


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